My name is Emma Forman, and I am majoring in Strategic and Corporate Communication and minoring in Public Relations. During the summer of 2020 I interned at a production company called Manhattan Beach Studios as a marketing intern. My experience was different due to COVID-19, however, that did not take away from the internship. I worked remotely and in the studio throughout my time at Manhattan Beach Studios. 

I was given a wide variety of opportunities to learn new skills and apply them to my major. I completed marketing and production tasks, as well as working as a PA  (production assistant) on some shoots. I gained skills in Adobe and in marketing. I also was given a wide variety of tasks that allowed me to develop new skills, and learn lessons. 

An Instagram ad I helped create

I would usually work on Instagram posts and blogs that helped advertise Manhattan Beach Studios. I always had fun coming up with new posts and writing the blogs. I learned how to properly write a blog that incorporates SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords. The work I did in these areas allowed me to use and strengthen some of the knowledge I obtained in my classes. 

Additionally, I would brainstorm ideas for services the company could provide. In COM 212, Group Communication, I learned about the importance of brainstorming and how great ideas can be developed from bad ones. When I was learning about this topic I never realized how much brainstorming I would have to do in my internship. Although my ideas were not bad, they were inexperienced, which led to my boss teaching me. Another common task I had was doing research for the company’s current projects; i.e. documentaries and retail. I enjoyed doing the research and working in the pre-production side of projects. I utilized sections of the 10-step process I learned in SCC 100 when I was researching. For example, determining the focus and purpose, as well as the target audience. 

Because my internship was at a production studio, I had the opportunity to learn about cameras, lighting, and video. Even though these are not for Strategic and Corporate Communication, I can use this knowledge to my advantage. My goal is to work in the entertainment business, so by learning about the technical and production areas I can gain skills that will allow me to succeed in the entertainment industry. Overall, it was incredibly beneficial to see and learn about everything from pre-production, production, to post-production.

One of my favorite things about the internship was seeing my work come to fruition. Considering, this was my first real experience with anything involving my major, I loved being able to see what I could create. I got to help start many projects and I am excited to see how they turn out. Another part I loved was using my knowledge I had learned in class. After applying the information I had learned, I was able to better understand and remember the topics.

An important takeaway from this experience is seeing the benefits of being open to new tasks. There were some times I felt incredibly inexperienced, but the whole point was to learn, and my boss never missed a chance to teach me something new. I also got to work in areas that are not my main interest, but I am glad I got to see how it works. I even found some new interests. Don’t be afraid to try new things! You never know where an internship may take you.