Hello! My name is Brittany Ramelow, and I am graduating in the spring of 2022. My major is Strategic and Corporate Communication, with a minor in Leadership Studies. During the summer of 2021, I was a communication intern at the OC Fair and Event Center.

Polaroid of me at my desk

My primary responsibilities varied based on the month. During the first month of the internship, my primary responsibilities were updating databases and calendars as well as writing newsletters discussing what was going to be at the 2021 OC Fair. When the fair began, my duties shifted to creating content for the fair’s social media accounts and the Centennial Farm social media accounts. I also made a TikTok account for the fair, came up with content ideas, and monitored all activity. Furthermore, whenever necessary, I escorted media around the fairgrounds, answered all their questions, and provided ideas for news coverage.

I could not have accomplished so much during my internship without the guidance of my previous professors and the experience I gained from my communication classes. Specifically, my Strategic and Corporate Communication classes helped me tremendously because they taught me how to relate to the public and specifically your target audience. Also, my Business and Professional Communication class is why I was offered the position in the first place. This class taught me how to interview successfully and how to interact and communicate within the workplace. Such information is necessary for successful communication and gave me the confidence to offer my opinion to my supervisor and communicate effectively.

One thing that I learned from this internship that I could only learn from this experience is to always maintain a positive attitude. For example, opening day of the fair, everyone had to be on the grounds at 4 AM for the media coverage. I was utterly exhausted, especially since not only did I wake up before the crack of dawn, but I had to work for 12 hours straight. Yet, I found it easier to have a smile on my face and keep a positive outlook. No matter what you might face, having a smile on your face helps immensely. Even if it’s a fake smile, which I had most of the time, it still helps you to always look on the bright side.

One of my most popular social media posts!

I feel that one aspect of working with social media that is often overlooked is that it is a 24/7 job. Sometimes I would come home from working a 10-hour shift and respond to questions on TikTok or make sure my Instagram post was posted correctly. While working with social media can be very exciting, especially when your posts do well, it does not stop when you clock out. You need to keep checking on the accounts even when you are off. Therefore, it is very demanding and time-consuming. Before pursuing a career that specializes in social media, I would suggest asking yourself if you’re willing to put in that sort of time commitment. Social media is constant, and you need to make sure that you are okay with working around the clock.

If you are interested in pursuing work in this field or working for the OC Fair and Event Center specifically, I suggest doing everything you can to keep up your energy level. This is an extremely fast-paced environment where you will most likely be working overtime and have multiple responsibilities you need to juggle simultaneously. Working in a fast-paced environment can be extremely draining, so keeping up energy levels is critical. Making sure you rest and get enough sleep is essential to ensuring your work is the best it can be. Also, rest is vital when you work in an environment where everyone is expected to be happy constantly, so ensuring you get a good night’s sleep is essential!

While this internship was extremely demanding, it has been such a fantastic experience. I am much more confident in my ideas and capabilities, thanks to the support of the communication team at the OC Fair and Event Center!