My name is Mia Maston and I am a Junior studying Strategic and Corporate Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship, here at Chapman University! Throughout this last semester, I have been working as a Marketing Intern for a small Social Media Marketing Agency called Little Social Co. The company focuses almost exclusively on marketing and brand management for interior designers, including that of the famous Bobby Berk from Queer Eye.

One of our assignments in the required Business and Professional Communication course was to develop an all-star LinkedIn page. This would eventually help tremendously with my search for an internship. I found the internship position through a LinkedIn posting in early August. After using both my LinkedIn profile and my official resume I applied for the position and was offered the opportunity to interview. Once acquiring a position as a Marketing Intern, many of my responsibilities included designing graphics for social media accounts, writing and designing blog posts, and brand management for a variety of interior design clients.

In terms of work environment, I found my internship to provide an immense amount of support for myself and the two other interns I would occasionally collaborate with. Little Social Co. is a woman-owned company with a casual work style. We communicated almost exclusively over Google Meets, regular text conversations, and group chats. This created ease of communication between projects, which was extremely necessary for our industry, as clients required specific content, graphics, or updates with little to no notice. This was certainly a symptom of working for a smaller company, something that I would highly recommend to people entering the industry as it allows you to work closely with your peers and assignments.

The interior design industry requires incredible attention to detail as you are working closely with your clients who have specific expectations. This experience has given me the opportunity to understand the importance of small details and understanding your client’s vision for their own brand. These are lessons that I had not considered prior to participating in this internship, and I am incredibly grateful to have learned throughout my time interning there.

As a Strategic and Corporate Communication major, I have drawn several skills that I have learned from my experience in Message Design II, where we work on a semester-long campaign. As part of the messaging group, I was able to draw many comparisons between my internship and my work on the SOC Trailblazers Campaigning, more specifically working with the campaign graphics and social media. 

Overall I am incredibly glad to have had such a positive experience during my internship at Little Social Co. The small company dynamic allowed me to get some valuable hands-on experience.