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Hi everyone! My name is Nelly Rouzroch, I am a graduating senior with a double major in Strategic and Corporate Communication and Psychology. Over the past year, I was an intern at Sameday Health first starting off as a Business Development Intern and later transitioning into my role as the Marketing Coordinator. A little bit of background about Sameday Health before I dive into my responsibilities and life as an intern, they are a leader in COVID testing with over 40+ locations all throughout the US. More recently, however, they have expanded into focusing more on health and wellness diversifying their efforts through wellness injections and IV drip therapy. 

To begin with, I was lucky enough to be able to find this internship through mutual friends and family. As I’ve learned throughout my time here at Chapman, networking is essential to being able to get your foot through the door. When I first started as an intern I worked in the business development side of it all which coming from a background of strategic and corporate communication really helped with my role and daily functions. My primary responsibilities in this role involved directly assisting the Chief Operations Officer with setting daily tasks & achieving bi-weekly goals as well as collaborating with creative briefing & planning process initiatives. Additionally, I co-led Telehealth & business expansion projects, streamlined billing department communication streams, and mediated client calls. Eventually, I was able to initiate partnerships with online influencers, increased brand awareness, & strengthened customer engagement through social media (eventually transitioning into the Marketing Coordinator role).

work life

Work Life

My SCC 305 – Through the Marketing Lens course really prepared me for stepping into the marketing coordinator role. My responsibilities in this position included developing and implementing both internal and external plans for establishing a marketing campaign to help drive sales and promote our different services. Moreover, collaboration with the design department to produce promotional materials and organize promotional activities for new products/services.


Lastly, established and organized creative content for social and assisted with managing/reporting on all social platforms. My previous courses helped me understand all of the necessary components that go into creating a marketing campaign. I’m grateful for SCC 305 since we had a project where we had to implement a marketing campaign for a fake product and do all of the advertising, social, market & product focus, etc which set the foundation for my understanding and establishment of future marketing campaigns. A large part of the internship that I believe you could really only understand and experience from being in a role such as this would be the more analytics side of marketing. Although in class we learn more about the creative aspects with respect to the courses we take, there is the whole back end with all of the data and analytics which are equally if not more important. Through this internship, I was able to sit in on conversations with my employers and the creative ad agencies we work with to see how our marketing efforts were performing from an analytical scale.  

Overall my internship time at Sameday Health has been super knowledgeable and informative. One success story that comes to mind is my efforts and project management skills on our marketing ‘Back to Work’ campaign. We wanted to implement a campaign to help drive an increase in sales while highlighting the new services that we offer. This took joint collaboration efforts across all departments and being the marketing coordinator I was able to delegate and stay organized and on top of it all to ensure we had all the necessary components to be able to roll it out. The campaign was all across social, needed creative, PR briefs, email marketing, B2B, and enterprise services. Overall the campaign was a success and we were able to track and analyze the increase in sales we made. 

Ad that I worked on

Being at Sameday for almost a year, I would say the most valuable lesson I learned is the importance of company culture. Through my Senior Seminar class with Dr. Weber, she mentioned how valuable it is to work at a company where you enjoy your job and ultimately the overall company and the people you work with. At first that made sense to me, of course, I would want to work somewhere that I enjoy going to work, but after really immersing myself in this internship only then was I able to truly understand what she meant. The marketing department really encompasses the family dynamic and the company itself being a startup and exhibiting that lifestyle really showed me that being happy doing what you are doing will greatly make a positive impact on your life. One piece of advice that I would pass along to students interested in this field or company would be, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and offer ideas. My employers at Sameday would always ask for my input and invited me to collaborate and offer my thoughts about any project we were working on. At first, I was hesitant not wanting to say something wrong, but throughout my time there I gained confidence and realized they really want to hear my thoughts and opinions about what I had to say. I am truly grateful for my time at Sameday Health and my internship experience as I have been able to grow both professionally and individually. There are so many great memories and skills that I have learned and will cherish and take with me throughout my professional journey.