Hi, everyone! My name is Anna and I am a junior at Chapman University. I am majoring in Strategic and Corporate Communication and minoring in Creative and Cultural Industries. This summer, I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in my major and minor to an internship at Minc Talent. Minc Talent is a talent agency based in Los Angeles. Minc represents actors for both commercial and theatrical roles. For the duration of my internship, I worked in the commercial division.

A Minc Talent actor in a GoodRx commercial

This spring, I knew that I wanted to intern at a talent agency for the summer. Unfortunately, most talent agencies do not have an established internship program. So, I started my pursuit by researching talent agencies in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. I then found the e-mail addresses of the agencies that interested me and sent them an e-mail inquiring about a potential internship opportunity. I was grateful to receive quite a few responses and interviewed with the different agencies. After some consideration, I decided that Minc Talent was the best fit for me.

My primary responsibility at Minc Talent was to complete projects. I was assigned three different projects throughout my internship. My first project was to create a survey to collect basic information from our onboarding talent. I also created a spreadsheet to store the data from the survey. The survey I created streamlined the onboarding process and allows us easily access important information about our clients. I took it upon myself to make the survey and spreadsheet both user-friendly and changeable to easily adapt to needs in the future.

The second project I was assigned was a call campaign. For this campaign, I assessed all 265 clients’ Casting Networks profiles and gave individual feedback based on my assessment. I was able to apply what I have learned about the planning and execution of a campaign in my SCC 100 class this past semester.

My work from home set-up.

The third project I was assigned was to audit the self-tapes our talent submitted to casting. In addition to these projects, I assisted with daily duties, participated in prospective talent calls, and made talent submissions. I also had a daily Zoom call with my boss to go over agency and industry basics.

For students interested in the world of talent agency or casting, I recommend reaching out to boutique agencies for your first internship experience. Interning at a boutique agency allowed me to learn and understand the full scope of a talent agency. I feel confident applying for a future agency or casting internship because I have this wide base of knowledge.