Hello, my name is Allie Zlotky, and I am a freshman from Dallas, Texas, majoring in Communication Studies. I decided to attend Chapman because of its quality education, size, location, and atmosphere. Chapman takes the initiative to get students involved in our local, national, and global communities. This shows that Chapman is a place that cares for its students and wants them to succeed outside of the University, which was important to me when deciding what college to attend. Outside of school, my interests include cheerleading, musical theater, and traveling.

I chose the School of Communication because communication is at the heart of all aspects of my life. Specifically, I have a special interest in studying communication because I want to have a career in which personal interaction is the focus of my job due to my passion of working with people. Regardless of what career direction I end up taking, I know my most important skills will be my speaking and writing abilities. This will help prepare me especially well for my other academic interests, such as public relations, advertising, marketing, and media.

Although I have only taken a few classes during my first semester here, my favorite one has been Interpersonal Communication with Professor Downey. It has been super cool to learn about how our relationships affect our communication. My professors have been nice and approachable, and all my classes have been interesting thus far. I enjoy the amount of collaboration I am able to have with my peers through group projects and discussions. The level of collaboration makes me feel like I am learning from my classmates and creating close bonds with them.

I chose to apply for the Program Advisory Board because I had really been looking for ways to get involved as a leader in the Chapman community since I believe that you get out of something what you put into it. This was a perfect opportunity for me to get involved with my major and the school to feel like I am contributing as part of the Chapman community. I know the Advisory Board experience will improve my leadership skills and give me experience to help me be successful in the field of communication. Working to help others and enhance the student experience in the School of Communication is important to me. I have enjoyed my experience so far and look forward to meeting new people and helping others in the future!

Feel free to contact me at zlotky@chapman.edu.