Hello! My name is Chelsea Falcocchia, and I am a current Freshman majoring in Communication Studies. I am from San Jose, California, and I am beyond excited to serve as an active member of the Student Advisory Board. I enjoy meeting new people and am incredibly excited to get involved and know more students within the School of Communication here at Chapman.

Picture of Chelsea

During my college application process, I was very intimidated and unsure of what was in store for the future of my academic career. I then came across Chapman University and eagerly applied as an early decision candidate. I chose Chapman not only because of its ideal location in sunny Orange or its perfect student-to-staff ratio but also because of the strong sense of community that one is greeted with once stepping foot on campus. I highly value inclusivity and community, and when I toured the campus, I was overwhelmed with the sense of belonging that I was looking for. I was immediately met with friendly faces and open arms. Since leaving my own family was hard for me, it felt reassuring knowing that a whole new family was waiting for me at Chapman. Not to mention, I am a huge Disney fan, so Disneyland being just a short drive away is the cherry on top.

I am extremely passionate about leadership and supporting those around me. In high school, I was in ASB and served as a committee captain. I love the responsibilities that come with being a leader because I get to help my peers and see them grow and flourish into better versions of themselves. Additionally, in the process, I enjoy being challenged and growing into a new version of myself. That being said, I hope to minor in Chapman’s Leadership Studies program because I aspire to make a positive difference in the lives of those around me, and I want to increase my own self-awareness.

I decided to apply for the Student Advisory Board because I wanted to get more involved on campus and within the School of Communication. I am eager to serve as a mentor for other students, answering any questions they might have and creating new friendships along the way. I am also eager to learn more about the School of Communication in this position. Although I am unsure where Communication will take me in my academic career, I know I will have the right support and resources to help me find my own path.

I can’t wait to meet everyone! Don’t be afraid to reach out, as I am always here to listen! You can contact me through my email, falcocchia@chapman.edu