My name is Gracie Jones and I’m a current Junior at Chapman University. I am a Strategic and Corporate Communication Studies major and an Entrepreneurship minor. For the last year, I have been interning with the company XXIV Karat Sparkling Wines as a social media specialist and content creator. 

My first job working with XXIV

I was lucky enough to hear about this internship through my prior relationship with the owner of the company, Clint Roberts. Initially, Clint contacted me, needing someone to fill in for a last-minute event. However, because I was currently working with Clint and his family as their nanny, he was well aware of my educational background, the work experiences I had, and the social energy that I brought to the table. Because I have always been interested in wine sales, when Clint mentioned working a XXIV Karat special event, I jumped on the opportunity.  Clint asked me to promote and pour XXIV Karat Wines the day before the event took place; I studied a lot that night. The next day, I worked the event, hosted a XXIV Karat wine tasting and sold a few bottles to our guests. After this event, Clint reached out to me and asked if I would consider working for XXIV Karat as an intern. Working my first small PR job was one of the initial steps I took to gain both confidence and experience in the industry of wine sales. Because I had pushed myself to rely on my social skills and ability to learn information quickly, I proved to my employer that I would always rise to the challenge, no matter how much time or experience I had under my belt. 

XXIV Karat Sparkling Wines on TikTok

From then, I became an intern as a social media specialist and content creator for XXIV Karat. I created a XXIV Karat Sparkling Wines TikTok where I would further develop their wine brand on a new form of social media. 

Throughout the last few months, I have gathered so much information about social media marketing and promotional advertising. I’ve learned to keep up on the hottest Tik Tok trends, ways to strategize different approaches to digital marketing, how to engage with customers online and sell alcoholic products, and how to generate and publish social media content from scratch.


I have gained over 100 new followers on TikTok, generated over 5,200 likes from my posts, and promoted 9 different videos that I can use to refine my marketing strategies on social media. I have found new ways to better promote brand content and also promote content in order to achieve a certain set of marketing goals. 

I spent a total of $10 dollars to promote one of my first user-based content videos for a total of 24 hours on TikTok. The first promotional video generated nearly 2,500 views, 600 likes, 2 comments, and 8 shares. Additionally, I found that 87% of consumers viewed this TikTok from their “For You Page” while 6% viewed through interacting with my personal XXIV Karat profile. Through video insights, you can also see that 75% of video viewers were female and 25% were male. 18-24 years old were in the majority of the video’s audience with 70% of all viewers identifying in this demographic. 

Overall, having an internship experience like this has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the things I value in work. Something that I’ve learned about myself from this internship is that I place high emphasis on seeing the tangible results of my work. I’ve grown to realize that having this goal explains why I have always been so interested in marketing. One of the many reasons I enjoy marketing is because it provides me with a sense of almost immediate gratification. When I put countless hours of time and energy into a paper, a project, a campaign, or a TikTok,  being able to evaluate exactly where I was successful and where I was not, is something that I’ve learned to appreciate. In the future, I’m looking forward to exploring more career opportunities in the wide industry of marketing and sales.

One course that helped me feel more confident on the topic of marketing and selling this company’s line of sparkling wine products was an SCC elective course titled “Marketing Through the Communicator’s Lens.” This class taught me everything there is to know about how important effective communication is in the world of marketing today. I felt knowledgeable on how to communicate through price, selling, advertising, and promoting products prior to having any real-world experience with these marketing tools. This class not only taught me how to identify effective communication in other companies, but it also taught me how to formulate my own effective marketing strategies for a company of my choice. After interning at XXIV Karat Sparkling Wines, I can confidently say that Chapman’s in-class discussions, projects, papers, and campaigns have enhanced my abilities to effectively market products in the business world.