Hey Everyone! My name is Lyn Sazon, and I am a sophomore Communication Studies major with a minor in Creative and Cultural Industries. Throughout Interterm 2022, I interned with Every Day Action as their social media marketing intern. Every Day Action is a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that helps eliminate food waste through TV and film sets by picking up left over food. 

One of my projects working with Every Day Action! The creation and marketing of our merch storefront.

On an endless scroll through LinkedIn, I found this position. I submitted my application, and after a few days, I was contacted by the CEO, Hillary Cohen. After a few ongoing emails of sending a sample of my work, I had set up an interview for the position. I was hired on the spot and have been very fortunate to have received this opportunity. Throughout my time working with Every Day Action, I worked alongside board members to complete different tasks assigned to me. On a daily basis, I work on META to plan and schedule Facebook and Instagram posts for their social media accounts. Some of my responsibilities would consist of 15-second short-form videos and constant engagement with our audience. Throughout different months, I have had various campaigns and projects to work on. I have been a part of a campaign launch called “Giving Tuesday,”working alongside Kitty Betham, one of EDA’s board members. I made a storefront on Bonfire and tracked sales, which challenged me to think of creative and different ways to market our online store. As of this interterm, I am on the task of marketing our Celebrity Casino Night in March. I’m constantly looking at different social media trends and strategies that I can

I am the head leader of the marketing team for the Celebrity Casino Night!

use to promote our events to a vast demographic and hit our target margin.

Taking Mass Communication in the Spring of 2022 helped me during this internship. Learning the different terms and meanings in a company’s legal and business side has allowed me to hold conversations with our team and business partners. Since most of my peers and mentors have been in the entertainment industry for a while now, I  learned to adapt easily to this position since I had prior knowledge from taking this class.  


With working with Every Day Action, I learned about the TV Show Industry and how to run a non-profit organization. Working with a few Netflix and NBC shows, I have learned to constantly look over contracts and follow brand policies. Every Day Action has allowed me to expand my knowledge and connections within the industry. These skills and experiences I have made will forever stick with me.  

Thank you for following alongside my journey through Every Day Action!   

Feel free to check out the organization: www.youreverydayaction.org