Hello! My name is Emily Gaddini. I am a current junior, Strategic and Corporate Communication major with a themed inquiry in Business and Economics. This past year I had the privilege of interning at the amazing company (formerly) known as, Robin and Lisa Interiors (now Robin Weller Design). Robin and Lisa Interiors is an interior design studio and retail shop located in the heart of Newport Beach, CA, in the Lido Marina Village. It is a small but cozy atmosphere that felt like home.

In the Studio


First, I wanted to share how I found my internship here at Robin and Lisa Interiors. I came in contact with Robin Weller with the unintentional help from one of my best friends (and roommates) I met here at Chapman from our sorority Alpha Phi, Sara Stewart. Sara introduced me to Robin very naturally at a family and friends gathering. After meeting Robin, I expressed to Sara how cool it would be to be in interior design. Sara then pushed me to contact her to intern at the studio. At first, I was very nervous because I had no professional experience in this field. It was more of just a hobby for me initially. But my skills proved different, and it helped me tremendously during my internship and drove me to become more well-rounded and educated in this line of work. From just talking, I shared with Robin how I would love to intern for her at Robin and Lisa Interiors, and just like that, it happened. Over the next few weeks of over-the-phone communication, I went in for an interview and met the rest of the team. Shortly after, I was hired. I was thrilled to have made this connection with Robin so naturally and had a great time interning for the company. Interior Design has always been my dream job, so it was a blessing to intern at such a wonderful company.

Now let’s dive into what exactly I did during my time at Robin and Lisa Interiors. I focused on many aspects of the company, such as customer service, financial transactions, merchandising, photography, online retail/marketing (e-commerce), managing all online shops’ finances, running errands, etc. Almost every day, I did every single one of these tasks, give or take a few, and if not every day, at least every week. My favorite part of interning at Robin and Lisa Interiors was when I was able to help curate designs/gifts/purchases with customers one on one.

25 Days of Christmas reel I helped create, film, and merchandise.