Hi! My name is Aliza Shiah. I am a senior Strategic and Corporate Communication major with a minor in Creative and Cultural Industries. This semester, I interned as an Entertainment Writer for Glitter Magazine. Glitter Magazine is published daily online and functions under Soeurs Media Group. The magazine covers a wide variety of popular culture topics while focusing on diversity and inclusivity in the media. As an Entertainment Writer, I drafted four articles per week on WordPress covering trending stories as they emerged in the news. In this position, I have gained hard and soft skills, such as self-discipline, time management, WordPress and HTML, and written communication. I have also gained first-hand experience in a fast-paced industry that has rewarded me with confidence in myself and my ability to learn as I go and overcome challenges.

A print cover for an old issue of Glitter Magazine.

I found this internship on Handshake and was able to quickly apply by submitting my resume. I also sent a follow-up message on Handshake to the Editor-In-Chief, expressing my interest and thanking them for their consideration. A few weeks after submitting my resume, I heard back from the company informing me that I was being offered the position. This internship was entirely remote, so the onboarding process was a bit overwhelming and confusing at times. However, my supervisors were very supportive and understanding during the first few weeks as I adjusted to the company culture and fully remote work. 

As I previously described, my primary responsibilities were drafting four articles per week in WordPress for editors to review and publish. From Monday to Thursday, I would spend approximately two hours each day selecting a topic of interest to me, getting it approved, drafting the article, sourcing embeds, creating social media buffers, and supporting the magazine across all social media platforms on my personal accounts.

One particular communication course that helped me be successful in this position was Organizational Communication. In this course, I learned about different organizational structures, company cultures, and the importance of adapting communication styles to the company culture to be successful. With a prior understanding of different organizational structures and of general professional communication, I was able to observe and adapt to the communication style and hierarchy within the company. I realized very quickly that the lead editors and editor-in-chief communicated very clearly and directly as the press moved so fast that there is no time for misunderstanding. Although I am naturally very friendly even with my professional communication, I adjusted my tone of voice and general communication style once I came to this realization in order to fit better into the company and ensure my own success in the position. 

I am very grateful to have gained writing experience and to have several published pieces now to add to my portfolio. While I gained plenty of professional experience, I think the most important thing I learned from this internship was self-confidence. In the professional world, there is no time to doubt yourself or your abilities, and this position have me the confidence to use my voice and communicate with my coworkers and have confidence in what I am capable of. With a strong understanding of my abilities and a belief that I can do the things I put my mind to, I was very successful in this position, more so than in other positions where I lacked confidence and was afraid to go after what I wanted. 

An online cover for a more recent issue of Glitter Magazine.

I would recommend this position to anyone looking to learn more about journalism and media, enhance their writing skills, increase their knowledge of WordPress, and build an online portfolio of published work. Because it is entirely remote, you are able to work entirely on your own time and receive ten hours a week. If you are a self-motivated person, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to earn internship credit and gain invaluable professional experience, I know I have learned more than I could possibly describe from my time working with Glitter Magazine.