Hi, my name is Maya Ginsburg, and I am a junior majoring in Strategic and Corporate Communication and minoring in Integrated Educational Studies at Chapman University. Based in Santa Rosa, California, Keysight is a software development company that manufactures electronics test and measurement equipment. At Keysight Technologies, I currently hold a position in the corporate marketing team. In the fall of 2024, I became familiar with the company through a friend who urged me to apply for a role in this department. She was actively interning in the marketing team and informed me of the open position within the corporate events team. After securing the internship, my primary objectives were to document the events and campaigns planned for the fiscal year 2024, help with the messaging review for upcoming events, and provide event logistics support for sending and receiving demos and collateral. 

As a remote employee, I did not have the opportunity to meet with my employers in person; however, I managed quite easily through their resources for remote workers. Within the corporate marketing team, I was tasked with interviewing team members and reviewing budget request files to create annual event plans showcasing the campaigns. 

The most valuable experiences I have gained from my internship have been the informal interviews I’ve had with members of the corporate marketing team. This allowed me to learn what the PR/AR/Social, brand, creative services, events, product marketing, and solutions marketing teams do and their deliverables. This opened my eyes to different areas where strategic communication can play a role and provided me with potential opportunities to explore my career. 

Keysight’s Leadership Model

One of my favorite parts of my internship has been interacting in a large corporate environment and having access to senior managers and directors. Because of this, I have built a network of potential employers, not just at Keysight but also if some individuals I worked with move to another company.

Keysight’s Emphasis on Work Culture

Another valuable and favorable aspect of my internship was learning to be proactive and asking to work in the areas that interest me. As Keysight’s marketing team employs roughly 250 people, it was often the case that I needed to advocate for ways in which I could participate. Because of this, I became more comfortable raising questions and navigating such an active and busy work environment.

I recommend this placement to others, especially those interested in technology and marketing about technology. The company culture is welcoming and drives innovation. I really enjoy my internship here and look forward to putting my project management skills and communication skills into practice in the future, both at the university and in future job roles. I love strategic communication and intend to continue down that career path. My internship and Keysight Technologies continued to help me realize that strategic communication can open paths in marketing organizations in addition to communications functions.