Hi there! My name is Penelope Klein and I’m a junior Communication Studies major and recent transfer student.  I’m from Costa Mesa, California and I transferred from Orange Coast College during this past fall semester. I am pursuing a degree in Communication Studies, as well as a minor in the University Honors Program. During the Spring ’24 intercession, I had the pleasure of working at Shout Public Relations, a women-run communication agency based in Costa Mesa. They specialize in publicity, marketing, and social media with a portfolio of clients in fashion, beauty, culinary, action sports, and nonprofits. I am passionate about creativity and working within a collaborative environment, which has been a key takeaway from my experience. 

Visiting the Shout PR office located in Costa Mesa, CA.

At Shout PR, I focus on creative and social media, which includes all things from content creation and graphic design to strategizing campaigns and analyzing engagement.  Photography and visual communication are some of my favorite forms of self expression, and being able to incorporate my creative passions in a professional environment is ideal for me!  Shout PR is a bit different compared to other public relations agencies, since they offer a plethora of services in addition to traditional publicity. Printed magazines are seemingly a thing of the past, so digital press and publicity, influencer marketing, and social media are key to today’s PR world.  

The Shout PR team works remotely, but everyone remains in touch during weekly meetings to discuss upcoming projects and events, as well as via email and text.  A lot of the work that I do includes planning social media schedules and shooting content, so it is nice to have a flexible schedule, especially as a full-time student. Since I enjoy spending time with the team in person, working at client events is a highlight for me! Apart from their services, Shout PR hosts influencer events for clients at unique locations, often with creative activations and branding. Seeing the process of event planning from start to finish has shown me that it’s a lot of work but the end result is worth it! 

BTS of shooting a campaign for a client with a vintage 35mm Canon AE-1.

Before this past interterm, I have had previous internship experience working in both the marketing and E-commerce departments at Z SUPPLY, a women’s clothing brand.  This was an amazing experience getting a first-hand view of the Southern California apparel industry.  I have always loved fashion, and though this industry still interests me, getting a broader view of other industries such as culinary and beauty at Shout PR is something that I strongly encourage.  While we’re in college, we have the amazing opportunity to explore careers and find something that speaks to us—this freedom is something to take advantage of! If you’re like me and love to create visual aesthetics and brand messaging and have a knack for thinking outside of the box, I highly recommend exploring public relations and marketing.