Hey everyone! My name is Lyn Sazon, a junior majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Creative & Cultural Industries. This spring semester of 2024, I had the amazing opportunity to join Warner Records Viral Marketing team as an Emerging Talent Associate (ETA). Warner Records is an American label representing a diverse range of artists from Dua Lipa to Green Day. One of my main priorities as an intern is contributing to the ideation of short-form content ideas and assisting different marketing strategies for my managers’ artists.

Collaborating closely with various managers on the team, I created content ideas for The Black Keys, Jenna Raine, Bebe Rexha, and multiple artists on their roster. Every day at work is very different depending on which artists have any releases that upcoming week or if a major event is happening. Routinely, I would map songs from TikTok UGC videos to artists’ IDs to ensure we claim the music posted throughout the social media platforms. I would also have to update the Content Production team and ensure they align with our artists’ releases.

Sometimes, in the office, they would have artists pop by and have a listening party which is so much fun and gives me an opportunity that I would not get elsewhere. Working for different artists exposed me to the vast styles and specific niche audience they cater to in their songs. During my time at Warner, I benefited greatly from a strong mentorship program within my department, which guided me through navigating my future career and the music industry. Being able to be a part of a top music label exposed me to the complex process involved in an artist’s journey, from pre-production to post-release activities. Working at Warner has broadened my taste in music by introducing me to a diverse group of genres and styles of music. The internship program allows you to have different opportunities to learn and grow professionally by setting up resume-building exercises, networking events, and guest speakers.

One highlight of my internship was accompanying one of our artists, Maude Latour, on a two-day shoot. It was an eye-opening experience to witness the creative process firsthand and see the vision come to life. Bringing along one of my roommates to be one of Maude’s backup dancers made the experience so much fun!

For other interns seeking internship opportunities, my advice is to embrace every opportunity that comes your way and remain open to new experiences. Even if you’re unsure about your career path, internships provide valuable insights and networking opportunities that can shape your future career. During my time at Warner Records, I’ve had the chance to connect with professionals from different departments like A&R, Digital Marketing, and Promo, expanding my network and gaining a deeper understanding of various roles within the industry which was very helpful in navigating my post-grad life. In addition to the experience and networking opportunities, Warner Records also has a free coffee bar which made the experience so much more enjoyable!

Taking SCC 305, “Marketing Through the Communication Lens,” with Kara Udenziela really enhanced my experience within marketing campaigns and strategies. During this class, we analyze and strategize different campaigns while incorporating the brand’s audience. Running influencer campaigns for a few artists, I was able to use my knowledge and skills taught in that class. In Kara’s class, we are placed in real-life scenario-based marketing campaigns which helped with time management, brainstorming, and pitching ideas. Throughout my internship, I had to pitch ideas and brainstorm with my managers and artists’ management team in order to push through with the final result. I highly recommend taking SCC 305 to get a glimpse into real-life marketing campaigns.

My internship at Warner Records was the most fun I’ve ever had, and I am so excited for the next opportunity that will come about!

Lyn at Warner