Chapman University places great value on engaging with our surrounding neighborhoods to create common ground and mutual understanding for the betterment of the community we all share.

It has come to the attention of the University that some individuals have expressed concern surrounding a recently proposed charter school in the City of Orange submitted by Tomorrow’s Leadership Collective (TLC), an outside private investor.

While Chapman University has long supported educational endeavors in our community, and indeed is an active contributor, the University is not a partner in the proposed TLC charter school.

Chapman’s dean of the Attallah College of Educational Studies did submit a letter to the Orange Unified School District (OUSD) in October of 2017. While the letter does not serve as an official institutional endorsement from Chapman University, it does convey the support that Attallah College could offer.

The Attallah College of Educational Studies has many written agreements with schools in Orange County that permit students to complete their student teaching requirements in pursuit of their credential. This is the type of relationship Chapman might have with the TLC school, should it be approved by the Department of Education. Chapman University will not receive state funding of any kind through collaboration with the TLC school.

Chapman University will continue to work collaboratively with the OUSD and local residents on positive options for youth education.

Chapman University’s Office of Community Relations works closely with the residents and organizations in Orange on many developments. To follow the latest, please bookmark our website and subscribe to our email list for updates.