The Spring Dance Concert will feature the work of eleven accomplished student choreographers who will present their new dances in the Waltmar Theatre.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance major students have created all the new works made for this concert, and the dances include a variety of moods and styles. The works focus on themes of identity, competition, fear, and the ecstasy of love. Some dances explore repression and conformity as well as the beauty of individuality. Others examine modern technology, isolation, and the need for human connection.

New music enhances the contemporary slant on the choreography including an original score composed by Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music major, Dan Shipley ‘15. His composition for choreographer Chelsea Henriques will be a highlight of the concert. The music of other new artists such as Autechre, Balkan Beat Box, Dictaphone, Hauschka, Michael Wall and Alva Noto will enhance to lively, athletic, and artistic movement vocabulary that is the hallmark of Chapman’s student choreographers.

Two of the concert’s new works will include spoken word as part of the sound score. Choreographer Taylor Keeley’s piece features a poem by writer Lily Myers and choreographer Talia Moreta has recorded her own dancers’ voices as part of her exploration of gender stereotypes in society.

Choreographers include seniors Gabby Bruno, Christopher Carvalho, Jacqueline Dew, Mandy Dray, Alisa Guardiola, Chelsea Henriques, Becca Holtz, and Amanda Reichert as well as juniors Leah Dugas, Taylor Keeley, and Talia Moreta.

Directors for the concert are Jennifer Backhaus and department Chair Nancy Dickson-Lewis.

Spring Dance Concert
May 7, 8, 9, and 10 at 7:30 PM with an additional matinee performance on May 10 at 2 PM
Waltmar Theatre
$20 general admission; $15 senior citizens, non-Chapman students and alumni

For tickets, call 714-997-6812 or visit our website,