Advance Magazine
Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy
), co-founded by alumnus 
Rich Coury, PT, MPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS
’94 (MPT ’96), as the
top practice in the nation for 2013
. “Based on a list of criteria including revenue growth, recruiting and staff development, customer service, and practice growth, CBPT has impressively earned the distinction as ADVANCE’s 2013 Practice of the Year,” explained the magazine.

Brandon Buehler and Rich Coury

Rich Coury ’94 (MPT ’96) pictured on the right with partner Brandon Buehler (left) at Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy.

His Path to Physical Therapy

Coury’s path to physical therapy
came quite remarkably. As a high school senior, Coury was a football star on his way to college ball and significant scholarships- until he sustained a serious knee injury. “My cleat stuck in the grass as I was tackling somebody. My knee bent the wrong way,” he explained in the most recent edition of 
Chapman Magazine
. The devastating injury dashed his football hopes. However, after undergoing physical therapy, he made an outstanding recovery. It was during one of his physical therapy sessions that he said he realized, “how much my therapist had helped me, and I felt like I was called. It was a very vivid moment.”

The Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy Story

Coury met his business partner
Brandon J. Buehler, PT, DPT, OCS
while they were both in their graduate residency program. The two became good friends and colleagues, and soon found they shared the same patient-centered philosophy and vision to create an environment that treats the whole patient, not just localized pain. In 2004, they opened Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy, a small clinic they ran just by themselves. The clinic has grown to 60 employees with four locations throughout Orange County. In recent years, rehabilitation centers nationwide have struggled with a weakened economy, declining reimbursement rates and a resulting downturn in business. CBPT, however, has experienced just the opposite. In the past year, the company has seen a 15% increase in revenue and a 30% increase in volume. The partners explained that instead of focusing on budget cuts, they focused on continuing to provide high-quality care and fostering, “a culture of caring and service, for our patients and each other.”

Panther Pride at Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy

“I certainly would not have as successful of a practice if it was not for the education I received at Chapman,” wrote Coury in a recent email. He isn’t the only panther from Chapman’s 
Physical Therapy
 program at CBPT. Several other Chapman alumni have joined his team:

We wish them all many more years of growing success!

You can read more about CBPT’s road to success and its recognition here.

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