MFT director Dr. Naveen Jonathan and administrative assistant Bridget Womelduff with Joanne Cabrera ’08.

Chapman University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program has been a long-time partner with local creative nonprofit The Wooden Floor, an organization that combines dance and education to transform the lives of low-income/at-risk youth in Orange County. MFT students and faculty provide psychoeducational seminars for Wooden Floor students and their parents on topics such as depression, anxiety/stress management, self-care, self-esteem, mindfulness and healthy relationships.

This summer, the MFT program is adding Empowerment Groups to its already impressive menu of services at The Wooden Floor. These groups will assist and support students and families with transitioning from elementary to middle school and middle to high school. Helping young people navigate through transitions is an integral part of MFT work. It’s also a major artistic theme being explored at The Wooden Floor.

Chapman MFT alumna Joanne Cabrera ’08 began working at the Wooden Floor this year as a licensed therapist. Joanne has been instrumental in fostering continued growth between the Wooden Floor and Chapman’s MFT program.

Dance students rehearse.

Photo by Christine Cotter.

At the 6th Annual Step Beyond Graduation Breakfast, Wooden Floor graduates Melanie Acosta and Chelsea Cortes were personally welcomed to the Chapman family by MFT faculty and staff. Both will be majoring in our Mathematics/Engineering programs beginning in the Fall of 2018.