On May 22, 2021, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) graduate students tuned in to the DPT Facebook channel to watch virtual award ceremonies for the class of 2020 and 2021. All graduating DPT students who earned honors and special recognition awards were announced during the live stream while family and friends posted congratulatory messages in the comments section. We are thrilled to share the names of all awardees from both classes below. Congratulations to all!


Humanity Award: Alex Keuilian, Erin Bond, Angie Garrett

Volunteer Service Award: Haley Scott, Megan Cabrales

Excellence in Research Awards: Randy Fan, Don Hoang, Kevin Strangeway, Kayla Uemura, Shawn Yoshida, Tyler Hofstee, Jimmy Moc, Kirstyn Namba, Lesley Rivera, Sean Teshima, Cameron Tropple, James Aubrey, Megan Cabrales, Thuy-Vi Le, Jessica Ana Rodil, Jonathan Tam, Julie Vinh

Academic Excellence Award (3.8 GPA or higher): Taylor Ellis, Casey Maskell, Kevin Strangeway, Brenda Young, Valeria Abarca, James Aubrey, Erin Bond, Megan Cabrales, Tyler Hofstee, Rebecca Koppel, Thuy-Vi Le, Kelly Meggs, Jessica Ana Rodil, Wyatt Woodward, Julie Bergmann, Jeanie Kim

Outstanding Performace Award: Kevin Strangeway and Rebecca Koppel

ACAPT Award: James Aubrey, Erin Bond, Megan Cabrales


Humanity Award: Jamie Subandhi, Michelle Nguyen, Mark Klem

Volunteer Service Award: Nicholas Bowden, Jamie Subandhi, Vernie Wade, Dana Wiliams, Michelle Nguyen

Excellence in Research Award: Nicholas Bowden, Kyle Macey, Daniel Seong, Jamie Subandhi, Vernie Wade, Rachel Kling, Laura Mukhar, Amber Stoebe, Payton Trollman

Academic Excellence Award (3.8 GPA or higher): Angela Choie, Stephanie Chou, Timothy Lane, Kyle Macey, Mark Parbo, Mark Rowley, Jade Santos, Kyle Scheller, Johanna Bryant, Priscilla Chan, Alexandra Chwa, Courtney Cox, Morgan Engelmann, Emily Falcone, Ryan Florence, Alexa Hadinto, Andrew Hwang, Stephen Kim, Rachel Kling, Nicollete Lambright, Marla Lewis, Michelle Nguyen, Peter Nguyen, Amber Stoebe, Ross Takesue, Stella Wu, Amit Gandhi, Shivani Patel

Outstanding Performance Award: Timothy Lane, Marky Rowley, Jade Santos, Rachel Kling, Laura Mukhar, Michelle Nguyen, Dana Williams

(NEW) Perseverance Award: Rachel Kling

ACAPT Award: Kyle Macey, Jade Santos, Priscilla Chan, Emily Falcone, Alexa Hadinoto, Michelle Nguyen