Em Rubenstein (MFT ‘19) is a licensed therapist who has almost a decade of experience working in various eating disorder treatment environments. Having personal experience with them herself, this is something that resonated with her on a deeper level and as a result she was naturally drawn to the field.  

In 2014, she moved back to California from Massachusetts to break into the field permanently and pursue a full-time career. Eventually, she joined the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) where she became President of the Orange County chapter. Much of the great work Rubenstein does focuses on bringing inclusive and progressive eating disorder education for those affected in the Orange County community. Additionally, much of her work also revolves around promoting values that encompass weight – inclusivity, intersectionality and equitable care. Representation is important; Rubenstein is committed to educate individuals on the racism that is inherent to diet culture and fat phobia. She aims to cater to the needs of those who feel marginalized because they may deviate from the “evidence – based care” that is commonly applied which causes individuals to neglect getting the support they need.  

Rubenstein credits the Francis Smith Center, an onsite clinic Marriage and Family Therapy students spend a year at, as the biggest advantage for anyone in the master Program. At this clinic, she created some of her fondest memories at Chapman where she bonded with her peers, refined clinical skills and learned alongside one and other.  

Rubenstein says that Lori Breeden-Gomez, her clinical supervisor, was the most influential person for her at Chapman because she helped Rubenstein develop the most in her pursuit of being a clinician and still keeps in touch with her to this day.  

One piece of advice Rubenstein gives to students and recent graduates looking to start their own business is, “If you are also not a “businessperson,” I think it’s important to know that you can still start a business any time! Networking with the people who do what you want to do is the number one tip I can give”.