Ariann HeadshotHow did your experience here at Chapman prepare you for post-grad pursuits?

My time at Chapman gave me the confidence to pursue further education due to the quality of education and one on one relationships I was able to build with wonderful mentors and successful professors, within my desired field of study/work. These things helped me see how a future in my desired field was a realistic possibility that I could move towards after graduation. I was truly ahead of the curve  in graduate school due to the quality of education received at Chapman! I was able to handle the difficulty of graduate school as undergraduate really primed/prepped me for this.

Also, in my last year at Chapman I found that completing a thesis project gave me a head start to the rigors of graduate level work. 

Were you involved in research or clubs or other activities?

During my undergrad at Chapman I was involved in a few different things. I was a board member for the B+ Foundation, a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and the Psi Chi Honors Society. I also was a research assistant at a psychology lab at UCI.

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Please share your goals and aspirations. / Why did you want to go into Clinical Psychology?

I received my Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology in 2022. I am currently in the process of completing licensure requirements as a postdoctoral level psychologist. I will be licensed, hopefully, by this summer. I hope to continue in private practice where I primarily work with young adults in long term individual therapy, with a primary focus on trauma, relational difficulty, family of origin issues, and identity development. I chose this career path due to my passion for mental health services. I view therapy as a beautiful and magical process in which human connection is the antithesis to trauma and suffering. I feel privileged and honored, daily in my work, that people trust me to be a part of their good and bad days throughout life. Being a part of another human being’s healing and growth journey is an absolute gift! I also hope to continue to teach and supervise at the undergraduate and graduate level throughout my career. I love being in academic spaces!