What experiences as a Chapman Undergrad were most valuable to you?

My experience at Chapman as an undergraduate student has been nothing short of amazing! During my time at Chapman, I have engaged in various valuable academic and professional opportunities. Through building a strong science and physiology foundation in my courses, I have been able to actively participate in clinical research investigating the effect of transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation on enhancing function in individuals with hemiparesis, present my research at national conferences, perform patient care as a Clinical Associate at CHOC, be a member of the Chapman First Aid Team, as well as learn from many other healthcare internships. These experiences have helped shape me into the healthcare provider I aspire to be.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I am currently in the process of applying to PA School. While finishing the application process, I plan to continue working to gain more clinical experience, discover more learning opportunities, and further enhance my knowledge and skills, allowing me to be a strong provider who will bridge current gaps in healthcare.

brooke at CHOC

What was your favorite class at Chapman and why?

My favorite class at Chapman was FSN 200, Nutrition for Life, with Professor Julie Eversaul. This was my favorite course as it was an intersection of my HSCI courses (Anatomy, Physiology, Organic Chemistry) and nutrition. Professor Eversaul, a registered dietitian at Kaiser, shared a wealth of knowledge regarding the effect of nutrition on human health. I learned how to effectively integrate nutrition into patient education and consults through interactive lectures and applying concepts to case studies. Furthermore, Professor Eversaul always engaged in meaningful conversations that encouraged me to think critically and apply concepts from class to my experiences as a hospital intern. FSN 200 with Professor Eversaul provided a foundation to set me up to succeed in pursuing a Health Sciences degree and nutrition minor and as an aspiring healthcare provider who will provide holistic healthcare to my patients.

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Did you work closely with a faculty/staff member who made a difference in your education journey? If so, who?

At Chapman, I worked closely with numerous faculty and staff members who positively impacted my education journey. Notably, Physiology A with Dr. Frank Frisch was a memorable class that greatly impacted my academic journey. Dr. Frisch’s willingness, passion, and excitement to explain concepts and create critical-thinking application questions gave me a strong understanding of the concepts that will foster my success in graduate programs. Aside from the many excellent professors at Chapman, working alongside the Chapman University Fire Marshal, Victor Arteaga, in the Fire & Life Safety Department to lead and participate in the First Aid Team has been a hallmark of my experience at Chapman. Victor’s leadership, mentorship, and support have provided me with endless opportunities for personal and professional growth in the capacity to lead my peers, promote campus safety education, and strengthen my clinical skills. I am beyond grateful for the incredible opportunity to benefit from Dr. Frisch’s and Victor’s wisdom and mentorship.


Do you have any advice for incoming or current students?

My advice for incoming or current students would be to take advantage of any opportunities that excite you! Make an effort to connect with your professors, go to office hours, and engage with the material; this will profoundly impact your growth as a student, your understanding of the material, and your overall experience at Chapman.