Shaylee Graduation Photo

What experiences as a Chapman Undergrad were most valuable to you?

The most valuable experience I had during Chapman Undergrad was participating in research studies for class credit. I loved strapping up and helping all the research students in any way I could. I also enjoyed getting to know all the research students over at the Brain Institute. It was always so much fun talking to them and learning their goals for their study and what they are doing in school. Not a lot of people participate, but for me it was always so interesting to learn more about what others are doing here at Chapman.

Did you work closely with a faculty member who made a difference in your education journey? If so, who?

I worked closely with Dr. Elizabeth Kane during my fall semester of senior year. She was very influential outside of class in helping me apply for a Master’s Program. She helped me with recommendations, aid, and also helped me learn more about what Chapman has to offer for the field I chose. Even during class, she was very influential in pushing me towards a career as a MFT. As a LMFT, she had the best knowledge in what I would be doing next and the people I would be helping. She was a great professor, and I thoroughly enjoyed her class.

What was your favorite class at Chapman?
My favorite class at Chapman was Sports Psychology. I had the best time in Dr. Ed Dana‘s class. He was so relatable and always showed us that he wanted us to succeed no matter what. He also taught very interesting subjects that most wouldn’t correlate with sports psychology. This is a class I will really miss once I graduate. 

Chapman University Grad

Do you have any advice for incoming freshman or current students?
The biggest advice I would give to income freshmen is to join everything! Don’t be afraid to get involved and meet new people. I met some awesome people during my time here, but I really wish I could have done more. Make as many connections and friends as possible, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!


Share with us your future plans!

After I graduate, I will be continuing my education at Alliant International University. I will be getting my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I will continue working as a Behavioral Health Technician at a Residential Treatment Center in Costa Mesa.


Congratulations Shaylee! We are so proud of you and all our talented Crean College seniors!!

Shaylee Posing in front of Chapman Sign