cj-grad-pictureCJ Tadros ’23 Psychology, just accepted their first post-grad job offer. They share a little bit about their experience at Chapman!

What experiences as a Chapman Undergrad were most valuable to you? My involvement in psychology research, meeting and building relationships with students of different backgrounds and majors, living away from home and beginning my journey of independence, the French department’s expansive course options and cultural excursions, to name a few! 

Did you work closely with a faculty member who made a difference in your education journey? If so, who? Dr. Tara Gruenewald was my research faculty mentor throughout my years at Chapman. She encouraged me to take on increasingly complex, independent research projects to explore my interests, even if she didn’t have knowledge in that area. With her support, I presented my original research at several research conferences including the Western Psychological Association, participated in Chapman’s SURF program, and wrote my senior thesis. 

What was your favorite class at Chapman? It’s hard to choose but one of my favorites was a French class all about Quebec- its history, culture, language, and politics. 

Were you involved in research or clubs? I was a research assistant at the Healthy Aging Lab for all but one of my semesters at Chapman where I learned a lot. Notably I did my senior thesis research on different types of hand gestures and their impacts on interpersonal perceptions in collaborative contexts. I was also part of QSA, French club, and Arabic club where I met lots of great people and made some fun memories!

close up CJ Grad HatCan you tell us how you found out about the job you accepted? I received an email from Heidi Girolamo Crean College’s Career Services Manager, passing along a job opening that a Chapman alumna was advertising and it was exactly what I was looking for!

Tell us a little bit about your new job and what you are looking forward to in the future? I work as a Health and Wellness Coordinator in the HR department at a large corporate company based in Irvine with satellite locations all over the world. I’m excited about what I’m doing now to improve employee wellbeing, and I look forward to growing in my role, skills, and knowledge to continue merging human behavior research with creative workplace innovations to enhance people’s experiences in the workplace. 

Congratulation CJ! We are so proud of our Crean College graduates!