Hashini Weerasekera ’21 Psychology, is pursing her Masters of Clinical Counseling at New York University next year. She sat down with us to share a little bit about her success and experience at Chapman!

Hashini in Commencement Robes What experiences as a Chapman Undergrad were most valuable to you?
An experience I valued the most as an undergrad was the close knit community that I found. I was involved in Greek life, studied abroad in Florence Italy, and was an orientation leader. All of these experiences brought me new friends, things to be involved in, and places to share my talents and ideas. 

Did you work closely with a faculty member? If so, who?
I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with Dr. Vincent Berardi in his CAHB lab. It was an incredible opportunity that gave me some insight into the world of research and a new point of view towards psychology versus what I was learning in the classroom. Dr. Berardi became a big supporter in my graduate school journey and I am thankful to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of his lab! 

Were you involved in research or clubs?
In addition to research and Greek life, I was also in the National Honors Society, a psychology peer advisor, and a teacher’s assistant for PSY 201.

What actions did you take as an undergrad to make you a strong applicant for graduate school?
I tried to have an idea of what I was interested in pursuing for graduate school, researched the qualifications necessary, and began getting involved in clubs that would boost my application as well as finding ways to get involved in research and making strong connections with professors. 

Do you have any wisdom or advice for incoming freshman?
Get involved! Graduate schools love to see well rounded applicants that can commit to more things than just their academics. Find research opportunities if you want to go into psychology related degrees and make strong connections with 2-3 professors for good recommendation letters. Don’t be afraid to get involved in things that have nothing to do with your major like Greek life or clubs that align with your passions. Take full advantage of everything Chapman has to offer, especially with the smaller campus, and all of the resources they have within advising and career counseling. Good luck!

Hashini Travel Photo sitting

Congratulations Hashini! We are so proud of all our amazing Alumni!