Dr. Amy Moors Receives Top Awards for Groundbreaking Research on Relationship Diversity

August 5, 2021 by | Research

Dr. Amy Moors joined the Department of Psychology in 2018. Her research addresses the impact of inequity on people’s belonging and well-being in intimate and professional contexts. Her focus is on the relationships people have with others (romantic partners, family, colleagues) and with broader institutions (workplaces, marriage). Much of her research focuses on issues related


Chapman's MFT Grad Students Rack Up Top Awards

July 22, 2021 by | Students

Chapman’s M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy program has a well-established reputation for turning out some of the finest clinicians and leaders in the MFT field. Our students are continuously recognized by national associations for their innovation and academic excellence but this year has been truly exceptional. We are thrilled to announce that not one but


Crean College Graduation, Class of 2020 & 2021

July 8, 2021 by | Graduation

As many of you know, Commencement will be a two-weekend event this year as we are celebrating the Class of 2020 and 2021. We want to make sure Crean College seniors, faculty, and staff have all the essential information needed to have a hassle-free experience. Before we jump in, please take a moment to explore


PT Students Launch Online Ergonomic Education Program

June 24, 2021 by | Students

Due to the pandemic, and the lack of in-person clinical sites, a new program was developed and created by Physical Therapy Professors Susan Mais DPT, OCS, and Laurie Boulware-PT, DPT called the “Ergonomic Education Program.”  PT Students researched and developed materials to help prevent or manage musculoskeletal pain as a result of the sudden requirement


Physical Therapy Stars of 2020 & 2021

June 3, 2021 by | Graduation

On May 22, 2021, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) graduate students tuned in to the DPT Facebook channel to watch virtual award ceremonies for the class of 2020 and 2021. All graduating DPT students who earned honors and special recognition awards were announced during the live stream while family and friends posted congratulatory messages in


Academic Stars of 2021

May 20, 2021 by | Students

On May 14, 2021, graduating seniors in the Class of 2021 tuned in to the Crean College Facebook channel to watch senior celebration videos produced by the Departments of Psychology and Health Sciences. All seniors who earned honors and other special recognition awards were announced while viewers posted congratulatory messages and emojis in the comments


Exploring the Socioemotional and Behavioral Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 29, 2021 by | Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive societal upheaval around the world. In the US, with 20% of global COVID-19 cases, the pandemic has also triggered a substantial economic shock and laid bare societal inequities. The extreme and highly volatile nature of this time period affords a unique opportunity to elucidate the dynamics of psychosocial processes.

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