Last night, the Prime Time TV Club held its 4th annual Foot in the Door night, where recent alums share the inside story on how to land a job in TV or film when you graduate.  Here’s just a few of the highlights:

·         Andrew Lewis now works as an assistant to writer/director Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air.)   How did he get the job?  He was doing an internship there and they loved him!  How did he get the internship?  He called up on his own, said he loved Jason’s films and was interested in being an intern.  Lesson:  Be proactive! 

·         Miles Leicher is an executive asst. at Real Time with Bill Maher.  His goal is to be a writer on a late night show and he’s well on his way – with the head writer of his show reading his writing samples, giving him tips for improvement, and letting Miles know he’s on the short list when a writing job opens up on the show.  Lesson: Working your tail off to be the best asst. or PA is the surest way to get a shot at the next job up the ladder.

·         Daniella Beintema is an asst. to the producers on Prom, a Disney feature film in preproduction.  How’d she score that gig?  By working as a temp at Disney and making herself invaluable.  Her inside info: she told the students exactly which temp agency Disney hires from.  (You gotta come to Chapman for us to share that with you.)

·         Jessica Fass has worked as an office PA, set PA and writer’s PA on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Two and a Half Men.  Her goal is to write comedy for TV and she’s now getting tips and job referrals from the writers she’s worked with who have read her stuff and given her encouragement.

·         Elizabeth Gourley Massip writes, produces and edits on-air promos for the cable network Bravo.  She was an editing student but was smart enough to take writing classes.  Good thing – as now she writes for her job all the time.  Lesson: Always look for new ways to add to your skill set.

It was a great event.  Our current students got a chance at the end to talk one on one with the alums, get leads on hot internships, exchange contact info, and start expanding their network of contacts.  At Chapman, especially in TV, we’re all about helping you learn your craft in school, but also learn how to become a working professional.