My friend Neil Landau (author of the hot new book 101 Things I Learned in Film School – check it out) says that to make it in the entertainment industry, you need luck.  BUT: Neil has a very specific definition of luck.  It’s LUCK = PREPAREDNESS + OPPORTUNITY.  You never know when opportunity might knock, but you sure better be ready when it does.  Being ready means you have to work hard preparing.  Write your spec scripts.  Then rewrite them, and rewrite them again.  Okay isn’t good enough – they have to be great.  Hone your craft.  If you’re a director, have your reel ready to go.  Make it your goal to learn something new and improve your skills each and every day.  Then, when Mr. or Ms. Opportunity does show up, you have the goods to show what you can do.  You need quality work samples that demonsttrate you are ready to be a professional.

That’s what being a Television major at Chapman is all about.  Preparing you to be a professional.  Training you to write, produce, direct like a pro.  That takes hard work and commitment.  But if you want a career in TV, you might as well get used to it.  Every day will take hard work and commitment – and a little luck.  The payoff?  It’s a great career that allows you to be creative and have your work seen by millions every week.