Just wanted to alert y’all to some cool guests and trips we have coming up all in the 4-5 weeks before the Thanksgiving.

Hal Eisner, longtime LA (Fox11) reporter and President of the APTRA is here Tuesday morning to regale BNews II classes, critique their stories. Eisner and APTRA run a famous reporting academy http://www.aptra.com/ that draws some 60-70 top news pros on a weekend in December at Camp Mt. Crags in Calabasas.

Next week (10/26) is our annual trip to Burbank to The Tonight Show. We will compose about ten percent of Jay’s audience–we’ll know the guests soon.

Next up is a small group up to NFL Network for their NFL GameDay Sunday-morning show. Every aspiring sportscaster’s dream–to meet Deion Sanders. (maybe not everyone’s?)

Sportscasters Jim Watson (Fox Sports) and Bill Macatee (CBS Sports, Tennis Channel) will be down before the semester is out, and we will be down to KGTV-San Diego, and or up to KTTV-Fox11 in Los Angeles.

Here’s to a great second half of the season.

Prof. Pete Weitzner, Director, Broadcast Journalism