We’re thrilled to announce a new course this Fall, featuring Dodge College alumni and film professionals actively working in the industry, speaking directly to students about how to get their projects turned into movies!

Details are currently in students’ mailboxes, but if you’ve already started to tune-out for the Summer, now’s the time to tune back in!

FALL SEMESTER, 2012-New Course!

Mondays 7 p.m. in the Folino
FTV 329-01/FTV 529-01

Michael Phillips, Academy Award winning producer (“Taxi Driver”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “The Sting”) will be teaching HOW I GOT MY MOVIE MADE, an invaluable course for filmmakers at Dodge.

This course will shed light on how people are getting their films made today. Each week a film will be screened, followed by a discussion with a person or persons connected with that film, (ie, director, writer, producer, agent, financier or distributor) who will discuss how the movie made its way from script to screen. Although every situation is unique, it is hoped that some ideas and methods will be helpful to the students when they face this challenge themselves.

Scheduled guests will include:

  • Drake Doremus – director LIKE CRAZY, (winner Sundance Grand Jury Prize)
  • Neill Blomkamp – director DISTRICT 9
  • Simon Kinberg – writer MR. AND MRS. SMITH
  • Elgin James – writer/director LITTLE BIRDS (Sundance 2011)
  • Sheldon Candis – writer-director LUV (Sundance 2012)
  • Ava DuVernay – writer/director MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (opens theatrically in October)
  • James Ponsoldt- writer/director SMASHED (Sundance 2012)
  • Maryam Keshavarz writer/director, and Karin Chien producer of CIRCUMSTANCE (Sundance 2011)

Additional guests will be added over the summer.  This is a unique opportunity to hear how the films were financed, made, marketed and distributed, directly from the filmmakers.

This course is 3 credits, can be counted as an elective, and will be either graded or P/NP.