Recently, Nick Walker (BFA/FP ’18) worked as a Film Intern with Alcon Entertainment. Below he answers questions about his experience.

DODGE: How did you find your internship?

NICK: I found the internship through Barbara Doyle, who heads up the College to Career initiative here at Dodge. Barbara helped me clean up my resume and cover letter and referred me to the company.

DODGE: What was a typical day at your internship?

NICK: Part of my job was working the company’s front desk, which meant I had a lot of face time with the company’s various clients and guests. It was some great industry and networking practice for me. I think the best part of this internship, though, is that I had a lot of freedom to really make my experience what I wanted. So on any given day, I was able to stop by any office to ask people questions, shadow them at their desks, and gain a deeper insight into what they do.

DODGE: What was the highlight of the internship

NICK: I think one of the top highlights of the internship was that I was able to visit the company’s production office on the Warner Bros lot. I got a private tour of the studio, and it was a really fun day.

DODGE: What courses, professors or skills learned at Dodge were most helpful in your internship?

NICK: I think the biggest skills that I’ve learned at Dodge that helped me in this internship were simply the interpersonal skills I’ve developed while at school. So much of the job was talking to people, talking about movies, talking about the industry, and every person I’ve met in my time at Dodge has helped me to expand my ability to form meaningful relationships quickly.

DODGE: What advice would you offer students looking for internships in the industry?

NICK: The best piece of advice I could give to students looking for an internship is talk to your professors and talk to your friends. All of my best internship experiences have come from recommendations from a faculty member or a peer. There are so many people with so many connections to opportunities at this school, but those opportunities aren’t just going to fall into your lap. Do the leg work and reach out to people, and you’re sure to find something.