This past fall semester, I was so incredibly blessed to be the talent intern for one of the most well known, YouTube network’s, Fullscreen Media. Fullscreen is located in Playa Vista, CA and they represent talent such as Andrea Russett, Tana Mongeau, Shane Dawson, Kian&JC, and so many more. As a talent intern, I worked along side the Fullscreen Talent Department where I sat in on creator/talent meetings, learned how to vet through channels, and constantly watched through numerous channels to see who would best fit in the Fullscreen Network.

Not only did I learn about the talent signing process but Fullscreen HR created so many amazing opportunities for interns to learn more about the company as a whole and learn from one another as well. Throughout my semester at Fullscreen, I was able to work in other various departments to assist with projects where I also got to network and meet so many talented and passionate individuals along the way. Being able to build strong connections with the interns and current staff really impacted my time working at Fullscreen. I’ve built so many amazing connections and bonds that I will carry along with me in the future. 

One of my favorite parts about this company is the passion to create a strong, team oriented workplace. Just like your typical company, most buildings are divided by department where you only work with those within your department most of the time. Fullscreen still has their various different departments, obviously, but the office is open for everyone to work wherever they please. For example, Fullscreen has one designated room called the All Hands where it is a common area within the large office building. In the All Hands, events are held for the employees every few weeks along with free food every Friday! Below is a photo from our biggest event this semester called ‘Love is Love’ where Fullscreen was ending a tour featuring singer and YouTuber, Rebecca Black. This event and tour was put on for Fullscreen and creators to really spread the thought of love and unity to all as well as the importance of acceptance and equality.

Overall, my fall semester interning in the Talent Department at Fullscreen Media was one of the best experiences in my college career. I’ve gained so much knowledge about the backhand of YouTube and it’s amazing creators along with learning the process of recruiting and signing talent into a media network. I can’t put into words how overwhelmed I am with love and emotion from being able to work in a place filled with so many amazing, talented individuals who always would remind me that “the future will be bright.”