Joe Rosenberg

After years of working as a Hollywood agent representing A-list talent, Joe Rosenberg’s newest clients will be Chapman students and alumni as the first-ever Director of Industry Relations at Dodge College’s new Careers Office.

The full-scale Careers Office will be located just off the lobby of Marion Knott Studios, and construction of the space is set to be finished by early November.

“The goal is to give students an understanding of the principles and the methods that make for breaking in and maintaining success in the entertainment business,” said Rosenberg.

The Careers Office aims to accomplish this by working toward several key goals, such as building a strong job and internship program at Dodge. The office will be setting up a database to track every company in Hollywood that offers jobs and internships, in order to help students looking for opportunities.

Other key goals include building a better and stronger network of alumni, and offering workshops, panels, seminars and events throughout the year.

Students will also have the opportunity to receive individualized career advising through the Careers Office.

“That was what I did as an agent: you sit, you strategize, you come up with a plan, you help people, and you advocate for them. That’s what we’re going to do for our students,” said Rosenberg.

Dodge Students who are preparing to enter the industry can benefit from the clarity a Careers Office can provide, as polling shows that students and parents of students that seek degrees in the arts have a much higher level of anxiety than other degree programs.

“If you went to get a law degree, or something that is tried and true, people know how to put you in that box. You parents can say, “well you’re going to monetize your degree because you’re going to be a lawyer, but if you’re going for a degree in writing, producing, directing or screen acting, there is the question of, “how is that going to translate into becoming self supporting doing what I want to do?” said Rosenberg.

“But let’s face it: the entertainment business is a multi-trillion dollar business.”

The Careers Office aims to help demystify the entertainment business, and help reassure people that they will find their place within the industry.

“We’re here to help you so that you don’t have to do it alone,” said Rosenberg.

As director, Rosenberg is prioritizing being of service to the students and alumni. 

“To pay forward everything that’s been given to you in the hopes of making a difference, and having the enjoyment of helping people. To collaborate and bring excellence out of others; there’s nothing better, and that’s what we stand for,” said Rosenberg.

The career center is also looking to hear from students and alumni as to what they would like out of the Careers Office.

Anyone who is interested in reaching out to the careers office with ideas or feedback can contact