Dodge College student Lillian Wojcik, who is currently enrolled as a senior majoring in Public Relations, is working on an exciting film project in collaboration with a large group of recent Dodge College alums.  One of the huge advantages of our unique setup as a media arts school, that is, encompassing both the production and public relations sides of modern media-making, is this kind of cross-discipline collaboration.  The film, The Phoenix Project, looks quite interesting, and is sure to be a valuable example for other students looking to get practical experience before they graduate!  Read on to hear more from Lillian herself:

The Phoenix Project
In July of 2011, 13 friends set out to prove that unique films can be created, supported, and successful without needing a studio’s thumbs-up. The resulting feature film,
The Phoenix Project
, was independently produced for just over $28K, funded only by writer, director and producer Tyler Pavey’s personal savings, and the credit card of a generous friend with a love for independent film.


What is The Phoenix Project?

The Phoenix Project explores the motivations and ethical boundaries of the human mind. It chronicles the research of four scientists as they craft a machine to reanimate deceased organisms.  As the project develops, the machine exceeds their expectations, creating possibilities that they all hoped for, but yielding problems that only some could predict. With dwindling resources, the crew must contain their ulterior motives in order to realize the daunting task ahead of them: bringing the dead back to life.

The Phoenix Project

The “Ironwood Gang”

We are a production team of Dodge students and graduates that formed under the roof of Marion Knotts Studios. Going by the name The Ironwood Gang, we are a creative-collective of individuals who share an ambition to create high quality, original feature films.  Headed by Tyler Pavey, the rest of our Gang includes Orson Ossman, Bud Bennett, Gray Clevenger, Alan Dean, Mike Mo, David Markun, Ally Ribicky, Erin Mitchell, Graham Wade, Robbie Keating, Jack Litchfield and me, Lillie Wojcik.


The Phoenix Project

We were able to film
The Phoenix Project
on RED cameras, which were the nicest cameras available at the time of production. But, by nature of the way RED cameras work, all the footage needs professional color correction. We are also planning on having professional music composition and sound design for the film, in hopes of being able to submit the highest quality version to festivals throughout 2013.

Finishing post-production on
The Phoenix Project
will be expensive; an estimated $30,000 will be required to properly finish the film, so
we are raising this money through a Kickstarter campaign
. This is an admittedly lofty fundraising goal. However, the financial support is crucial to complete the film.

“We have put our blood, sweat, time, and tears into this project, but that still isn’t enough.  We’re reaching out to our friends, families and community help to make this idea a reality. We believe our product validates our ambition,” said Pavey.

The Kickstarter campaign
funds will pay for the professional color correction, an original music score and to cover promotional costs.  Kickstarter, a “crowd-funding” platform, facilitates the collection of monetary donations through Amazon Payments.
However, the catch with Kickstarter, is that if we don’t raise all the money, we can’t keep any!


The Phoenix Project

To help support the Ironwood Gang and independent film,
please check out our Kickstarter
, running now through December 30th, and donate what you can. Every $10 donation will receive a digital download of the film, and $20 donations receive priority seating at a spring student screening!
We hope you will enjoy the film!

-Lillian Wojcik