We’re thrilled to announce that among the many, many films you can see at the Sundance Film Festival this year, you will find numerous Dodge College alumni holding their breath off-stage, in anxious anticipation, as their films premiere in one of the world’s largest international film festivals!

Dodge College Alumni Films at Sundance 2013:

“This Is Martin Bonner”

Aaron Schnobrich
(’03, co-producer) worked on this highly anticipated relationship piece
which will screen in the dramatic narrative category.

Two men, at opposite ends of the social spectrum, find themselves starting new lives in the same, small town and form an unlikely friendship.

Head on over
to the film’s website
to see stills, view awards, and learn more about the team.


“Breathe In”Breathe In Film Still

Ben York Jones
(’06, screenwriter) and Mike Pruss (’05, co-producer) newest film will play in the Premieres category.

When a foreign exchange student arrives in a small upstate New York town, she challenges the dynamics of her host family’s relationships and alters their lives forever. Cast: Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan, Mackenzie Davis.

Read some
coverage of the film from IndieWire


“Record Play

A malfunctioning cassette tape captures more than just audio…

Chris Bryant
(’11, producer) will present in this sci-fi piece in the short Film category.  The film includes numerous Dodge College and Chapman alumni as well: Alec Contestabile (‘11, production designer), Christian Quintero (’10 ), Jeff Robinson ‘10 ( first AD ), Ngoc Ho (’12, second AD), Stephanie Wagner (’11, art director ), Bre Wing (’11, set designer), Micah Embry (’11, set decorator), David Markun (’13, prop master), Matt Brailey (’11, sound mixer), Veronica Zabrocki (’11, boom operator) and Jocelyn R.C. (’11 still photography).


Although lesser-known than its cousin Sundance, Slamdance is a sister film festival which takes place in Utah, at the same time, alongside Sundance.  Its mission:

Slamdance is a showcase for raw and innovative filmmaking self governed – By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers. The year-round organization serves new and emerging artists, filmmakers and storytellers.

It all began when a group of cheerful, subversive filmmakers weren’t accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. Unwilling to take “no” for an answer, they instead started their own event – Slamdance: Anarchy in Utah. 18 years later, Slamdance has become a year-round organization fostering the development of unique and innovative filmmakers. The organization now consists of the Film Festival, Screenplay and Teleplay Competition and Slamdance Studios.

Learn more on
the Slamdance website


“He’s Way More Famous Than You

Chris Sepulveda
(’05, producer) and
Mike Anderson
(’06, producer) worked in tandem after graduating in 2006, to bring this salty comedy with a surprisingly deep celebrity cast, to life.

A struggling actress will stop at nothing to get her movie made in this sharp comedy, bolstered by absurdist touches and a bravura lead performance.

You can learn more about the film, and follow the updates of the team all throughout Sundance/Slamdance this week,
on the film’s Facebook page


“Ghost Team One”

Andy Knauer
(’06, co-writer) and
Arthur Pielli
(’06, co-writer) wrote the screenplay to this dark, quirky take on the fictional documentary format.  Think,
Paranormal Activity
… as a comedy.

A subversive, comedic take on the found footage genre, where two roommates deathly afraid of ghosts both fall in love with a girl who believes their home is haunted.


Good luck to all the filmmakers in Park City, Utah, this week!