This is a great opportunity for all graphic design-minded film and PR majors!  Run by the Hollywood Reporter, the contest provides students and professionals alike a great shot at some incredible exposure.  And with their newly expanded criteria for entry, it’s great practice for any up-and-coming media professional – which is all of you!

The Key Art Awards is entertainment’s most recognized awards competition for advertising and communications and it is managed by the CLIO Awards and the Hollywood Reporter. Unlike previous years when students had to cut a trailer or design a poster for a specific selected film, they are now leaving the contest open to any theatrical film or television series that was or is being released this year.  As explained on their website,

The Key Art Awards remains focused on evolving with the industry in order to acknowledge the most current, breakthrough work. New ideas, technologies and techniques are expanding the ways in which filmmakers, television producers and game developers can reach out to audiences in an increasingly competitive landscape. The Key Art Awards is proud to honor the creative teams that produce the best work in entertainment advertising.

Unlike the professional awards where it must be an actual work for hire, the students do not need to contact the client to produce their spec trailer or poster. And in addition to a trailer or poster, the competition is now open to various other forms of promotion like a One-sheet, a 30 second spot, a radio ad, or a website.

To see a list of last year’s student winners, visit the contest website.

The early submission deadline is July 12 and the student entry fee is $50. There are later deadlines with an increased entry fee. Students should submit work that was produced during their enrollment and within the period of June 1, 2012 – August 31, 2013.

Good luck!