For those of you still plucking the tinsel out of your hair, or – like me – still trying to get your holiday shopping done before it gets
far into 2014, Chapman University’s January “Interterm” semester is here right in time collect your wits, refresh your perspective, and rejuvenate those creative juices.

Here’s the Dodge College staff, prepared to do exactly that, at the Chapman University holiday party, just before the break:

Happy Holidays from Dodge College! - image of Dodge College staff

Aren’t we merry?

But now we’re back, and ready for anything!

First up: helping students be creative and practical with their month-long “free” time during January.  Many departments within Dodge, and at the University level, offer specialized, off-beat, or accelerated courses for credit, which can be a huge time saver for students trying to fill out your general-ed credits, pick up a minor
or even begin a cluster

With very rapid immersion into a subject, focused class time, and few other academic requirements to distract you, it’s the perfect time to branch out from your major.  Or even better, to flesh out your primary major by applying some real-world supporting topics:

Dodge College students are encouraged to reach beyond film and media arts and explore their options in other departments on campus. As a screenwriter, understanding the human psyche can help with developing strong characters, so you may wish to consider a minor in psychology. Or as a digital arts student, maybe your interest is more in tune with gaming, where a computer science minor may come in handy.

In the next few weeks, you can expect to read lots more about our most exciting Interterm classes, including our inter/national travel courses, the films being produced on our stages, and more unique opportunities you can find on-campus.

If you’re a current student, and haven’t registered for classes yet, fear not: there is still time to make your final decision, although it gets trickier as classes fill up.  Of course, it’s already too late to apply for the travel courses – most of which have already left – so don’t delay!

And if you’re in that spot, circle back here on Monday, as I’ll have a great list of classes you can still participate in.

If you’re a current student,
what interterm project did you try last year, and how did it go
?  And for our prospective students,
if you could learn any subject in just one month, what would it be