Starting in Fall 2014, the current B.F.A. in Television and Broadcast Journalism will be divided into two degrees: a B.F.A. in Television Writing and Producing and a B.F.A. in News and Documentary. The courses will remain the same, but the new names will clarify what course of study students choose among news, documentary and narrative television.

The faculty voted to make this change to clarify the differences between students who wish to prepare for careers that are based on researching and reporting stories of real people and those who wish to create stories for the world of episodic or narrative television (half-hour and hour comedies and drama shows with recurring characters).

We believe this change will benefit everyone, making both the career paths and the names of the degrees more clear.

The only curriculum changes are in the News and Documentary degree: Prime Time: The Game of Television is no longer required and two courses previously listed as electives are now choices for those interested in documentary: Investigative Journalism and Community Voices: Documentary Workshop.

Students who wish to move to the 2014 catalog so that their degree reflects one of the new names, may do so by submitting the Change of Program form for 2014-15 to the Registrar, when it is available online. However, please be aware that students will also be held to any changes in GE requirements between their current catalog and the new catalog.  It is recommended that students run the “What if I changed my program of study?” and select the new catalog in WebAdvisor to see how their coursework would be affected.

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