Get to know our school a bit better, by meeting our hard-working alumni in the industry.

Here, BFA graduate in Film Production John Duber catches us up with what his life has been like since graduating from Dodge College in 2000.

He’s crossed to the east coast, and is now working in New York as a director on CNN’s early morning news show, “New Morning.”

Alumni Profile: CNN's John Duber (BFA '00)

My Chapman education prepared me for the real world.

It’s all the same concepts, so everything that I did at Chapman, I’m still doing here.  At Chapman, we were given the freedom to create our own projects, and that’s what we’ve done here.  The New Morning Show that we’ve created, it’s a brand new creation.  It’s like a Senior Thesis, in a way!

That’s one thing I learned at Chapman: enjoy it, have fun with it, be creative.  And fortunately, I’m very lucky, that that’s something I get to do.

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