Professor Ross Brown, resident TV guru and writing for the web expert, recently sat down with reporter Gina Hall from the L.A. Business Journal, to discuss the importance of visual web content. Below is a byte-sized portion of the article. Read the full article on L.A. Biz’s website.

If visual web content is our destiny, then how are our schools adapting to this brave new world? A few elite film schools are certainly making the transition, but with most major universities offering up some sort of media education, are they servicing their students in a way that will prepare them for the way we’re consuming media?

“Web series are where a lot of our students are going to be employed,” said Ross Brown, professor at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and author of “ Byte Sized Television: Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet.”

Brown has watched the emphasis move from the 30-minute sitcom to the 3 minute webisode over the past three decades. Brown wrote for such series as “The Cosby Show,” “Who’s the Boss,” “Facts of Life,” and spent six years as head writer on the ABC comedy “Step By Step.” Brown started teaching in the late 1990’s and came to Chapman back in 2006.

Professor Brown will be speaking at the L.A. Webfest near LAX today at 3:30 p.m.