Dear Students,

As we approach registration, we have some important information to share with you regarding subject codes/course numbers.

Beginning in Fall 2014 the majority of Dodge College courses have new subject codes; some also have new course numbers. Please follow the link below for your program requirements and refer to this list when planning your Fall schedule:

Dodge College New Course Designations_Fall 2014

These changes do not affect your program requirements for your catalog year.  Only the subject codes (and some numbers) have changed.  The Registrar is in the process of updating student program evaluations to reflect these changes in program requirements—courses you have completed as FTV will continue to satisfy your requirements.

Note: SUMMER 2014 codes/numbers will remain the same.

Here is a breakdown of the new designations by discipline:

Division Subject Description
Both FTV Film & Television
Film CRPR Creative Producing
Film FP Film Production
Film FS Film Studies
Film FTP Film & Television Producing
Film PD Production Design
Film SCAC Screen Acting
Film SW Screenwriting
Media Arts DA Digital Arts
Media Arts NWD News & Documentary
Media Arts PRA Public Relations & Advertising
Media Arts TWP Television Writing & Production

If you have any questions, please contact your Faculty Advisor.