It’s not often that the Dean of any school is embracing the new technology. However, we’re lucky that Dean Bob Bassett has his finger on the pulse of the future.

Dean Bassett recently wrote an article for The Caucus about how social media is changing the landscape of not only production, but of education as well. Because of this, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has begun offering classes to help the students use social media tools to their advantage when it comes to making and marketing their films.

Dean Bassett says:

Although students today are active users of social media, they do not necessarily think about using these tools for strategic purposes. In classes such as Internet Communications they are introduced to the strategies behind the tools they already know and use.


In order to effectively use the tools of social media, students need to learn to write well (and concisely), learn how to create content that is meaningful and relevant, and learn how images and text can work together, and when images alone can best tell a story.


They need to learn how to create an online marketing plan that includes regularly scheduled activities, how to pitch online bloggers and journalists, and how to build and engage fan communities and work with key influencers.


They also need to learn how to efficiently sift through mountains of content, how to leverage the content of others, how to design attractive online pages, how to build and maintain conversational momentum, and how to create value for fans.


To read the rest of his great article, head over to The Caucus’ site!