Recently, Ellie Schlosser (BA/Film Studies ’17) had a chance to attend Il Cinema Ritrovato, a film festival that shows restored films, in Bologna, Italy. The festival, hosted by Cineteca di Bologna, and took place from June 28th to July 5th. Schlosser attended the festival while on Professor Emily Carman‘s travel course.

When asked about the festival, Schlosser had this to say:

Going to Bologna for the festival was amazing. I saw so many films that I otherwise might not have been able to. Not only that, but I got to see them in a big theater full of other cinephiles, and on actual film, with introductions by experts or even the director! I saw so many films, but I also got to see some of Bologna, which is so beautiful. I hope I can go back another summer for the festival in the future!

Schlosser also shared some of these fantastic photos with us.