Professor Frank Chindamo is no stranger to social media. In fact, he embraces it, and wants to teach you how to do so also.

Chindamo teaches Art and Business of Web Video (FTV 374/574), where students learn the history, trends, and successes of videos on the Internet. Throughout the year, the class features many stars of popular web series coming in to talk about how they turned their concepts into winning strategies.

Not only do students learn what makes a hit, but they’ll also learn how their ideas could potentially make them money. By the end of each semester, students will walk away with a proposal, or a full-fledged pilot, for a web series that is both artistically and financially viable.

The class originally formed as a supplement to the Byte-Sized TV class (FTV 313/413).

“We were trying to both produce great web videos, and study the history and trends in this exploding art form, and it just became too much for one class,” said Chindamo. Art and Business of Web Video now focuses on making videos that are native to and best suited for the web.

The class has had plenty of success stories since its inception. Previous students of Chindamo include Freddie W of Rocket Jump and Emmy-winning Bernie Su. Current students include Alyssa Policarpio (BFA/Fim Production ’17), who was recently featured in TIME Magazine for her “Music Videos Without Music” series.

Chindamo also runs a web video start up called LaughMD, which installs comedy channels on hospital TVs and tablets. Chindamo believes that “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” and helps with the healing process. It started in 2007, when Chindamo began visiting various family members in the hospital.

“Most of the time, patients were doing nothing but watching TV. The TV channels available to them made them more anxious, aggravated, and sicker. I thought there has to be a better way,” Chindamo said. LaughMD is making huge strides now, having recently signed Dr. Patch Adams (who had a film made about his life in 1998 starring Robin Williams) to create content.

Students are encouraged to submit their own G-rated comedy films to air on LaughMD.

“We are looking for comedy videos that are appropriate for either kids, or the older crowd, who are the general population in hospitals. Not exactly cutting edge, but hey… we are making sick people feel better and heal faster!”