Movies don’t all get made in Hollywood. In fact, there are many areas of the country that set up their own little versions of Tinsel Town. For example, New Orleans is quickly becoming known as “Hollywood South,” with many productions setting up shop down there. And Dodge Alumni Zoey Gordon (BFA/Film Production ’10) and Eileen Daley (BFA/Film Production ’09) wanted to get in on the ground floor.

“It was funny how Eileen and I met, because New Orleans brought us together, so to speak,” said Gordon. “We actually did not know each other at Chapman, but I heard from a mutual friend that she had moved to New Orleans post-graduation. We met up here and found out that we had so much in common.”

Being as how both were editors looking to do something different, they found the support they needed in each other, and became friends immediately. Though Gordon was initially passing through New Orleans just for the Halloween season, the spirit of the place, so to speak, really compelled her to stay. Once she found that there was plenty of work to be done there, she decided to stick around.

Both Gordon and Daley agreed that they want to be an active part of the New Orleans community, and not seen as just “California Transplants.” They both believe in the cause, and are involved in projects that will help both the smaller New Orleans community, and also build the larger industry in Louisiana.

“Though it happened almost a decade ago, New Orleans still suffers from the after effects of Hurricane Katrina today,” Gordon said. “The importance of the industry here goes beyond the realm of filmmaking. Projects like the one I’m working on now, a huge budget HBO show, will bring all sorts of money and attention to Louisiana.”

The show Gordon mentioned is “Quarry,” a 1972 period drama that is a joint venture between Cinemax and HBO. She is working as Assistant to the Picture Car Coordinator, so she will be on set daily, and will be closely involved with the production design team. Principal photography for the show begins March 30.

Meanwhile, Daley is currently managing a Kickstarter campaign for a new gaming start up called Starboat Productions. The team behind it is developing a filmmaking app for kids to learn basic principles of photography and storytelling through the lens of creating superhero movies starring themselves. She is also helping to edit a series of videos for Scene Magazine profiling the Louisiana Film Entertainment Association, in an effort to spread the message about tax credits and encourage more people to film there.

“The level of professional quality education at Dodge College is helping Eileen and I stand out and get jobs,” Gordon continued. “We’ve built a good name for other Alumni here…now we’re just waiting for more to join us!”

Although both studied editing, both credited Dodge’s well-rounded film education for giving them the skills necessary to work as office PAs, on set PAs, and more. They aren’t limited to just post-production jobs.

When asked if she had any advice for Dodge College students, Gordon said the biggest thing is not to limit yourself it just one location.

“The beautiful thing about our industry is that we can work anywhere something is being filmed. The production hubs, such as Los Angeles or New York, are good places to start. But if they don’t call your name (or if you can’t afford rent there,) New Orleans offers a great alternative. Just be driven, and don’t lose track of your end goal, and you will absolutely find the work you want.”