Last Friday, students, faculty, guests, panelists and friends gathered in the Folino Theater for the 16th Annual Women in Focus conference, where Dodge College hosted a panel of the most prominent women in the television industry participating in an open discussion with students and the community regarding their personal experiences.

The event kicked off with a luncheon on Stage B, where our featured panelists and some guests enjoyed lunch (and some episodes of
on our big screen TV). After everyone was finished, they made their way into the Folino for real show to begin.

women in focus 2015 lunch

Dawn Taubin (
The Dark Knight
, the
Harry Potter
film series) moderated the panel, which included
Kerry Ehrin
Bates Motel

The Wonder Years
Deena Katz

(Dancing with the Stars
Real Time with Bill
Debra Martin Chase


Lemonade Mouth, The Princess
Robin Schiff
Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion, 
Down Dog
), and
Janine Sherman Barrois
Third Watch

Criminal Minds

women in focus 2015 panel

The panel was filled with fantastic quotes from all the panelists, some of which we will share below:

“We can be more precise and have more auteur story telling on television.” – Kerry Ehrin

“Streaming content allows us more creativity as creators.” – Robin Schiff

“You’re seeing movie stars in your home because of streaming content.” – Janine Sherman Barrois

“You have to write for your own self.” – Kerry Ehrin

“You have to be on staff and get your chops in before you get to where you want to be.” – Janine Sherman Barrois

“We all work on things we don’t like, but we do it until we find the right one.” – Deena Katz

“It’s that balance between finding that thing you’re passionate about versus what you need to do.” – Debra Martin Chase

“If it was easy, it would have been done before.” – Debra Martin Chase

“Change is up to you guys.” – Robin Schiff

“Mentors are someone who help you get invited to the party…and then not get kicked out of it either.”- Kerry Ehrin

“Color blind casting and multi-ethnic storytelling is now mainstream thanks to Shonda Rhimes.” – Janine Sherman Barrios

“At the end of the day, I want the best person for the job.” – Debra Martin Chase

“25 years ago, it was a boys club. There is more equality now, but we’re not done yet. We’re getting there.” – Robin Schiff

Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and to our esteemed panelists for joining us.

women in focus 2015 panel

Dodge College thanks its sponsors for their generosity in supporting the 2015 Women in Focus Conference:

Twyla Reed Martin, Eve Kornyei Ruffatto, Harriet Sandhu, Diana Martin, Bonny Schumacher and Sally Crockett