CILECT (Centre Internationale Liason des Ecoles) and the International Association of Film and Television got together this week in Chicago to talk all things post-production.The Global Post-Production Symposium was hosted by Columbia College and featured films and speakers from both here and abroad, as well as demonstrations of innovative teaching models in editing.

The keynote interview featured Mathilde Bonnefoy, editor of Run Lola Run, the groundbreaking German film. The symposium closed with Citzenfour, the Oscar winning documentary that she cut, a harrowing examination of Edward Snowden’s odyssey to reveal NSA secrets.

Day Two offered a panel hosted by Professors Scott Arundale and Dan Leonard, discussing workflow, 4K, and best practices for on-set production. Professor Roy Finch shared his “Methods of Engagement” in teaching Sound Design. Adobe also presented their latest software innovations and Professor Mindy Faber, (Columbia College, Chicago) reminded us in her discussion of teaching young people the power of media that “the Revolution will not be televised” but is available on your smart tablet.