A few months ago, we featured a story on Cronus, one of the thesis films that was filmed last year, and is currently in post-production.

One of the things I love about some major motion pictures is that they share fantastic behind the scenes content before the film is released. It’s a great way to see the filmmaker’s process and just get excited about the film overall.

Cronus is no different. On their YouTube page, they have been showcasing parts of their production in an incredibly professional way. From sneak peeks at animatic sequences to looks at their concept art to set construction, they are doing a great job at sharing with the Dodge Community, and everyone else, what they have been up to.

Because of this unique look into the filmmaking process, we wanted to showcase the film again, and give you a look behind the scenes of this sci-fi epic before it premieres in a few months. Take a look!


We can’t wait to see how this film turns out!

To see more behind the scenes videos, including a look at their first day on set, be sure to head over to their YouTube Channel.