This week in Coast magazine, writer Jan Breslauer wrote about how when she got married, her soon-to-be husband suggested moving AWAY from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, and into the quieter community of Orange County.

While appalled at the idea at the time, and away from being in the heart of her entertainment job,  Breslauer realized that was a great choice, because there as just as many people living here in the industry than there are in Los Angeles.

One of the people she profiled for having done the same is Dodge College’s own Judd Funk.

Film producer Judd Funk is one of those people. For 15 years the head of business affairs for New Line Cinema, Funk has worked on more than 300 films that have earned almost $12.3 billion in box office. “I met a terrific woman, whom I eventually married, who lived in Newport Beach – behind the Orange Curtain, as she would say – and refused to leave,” he says. “So I had to move there. It wasn’t my first choice or even my 10th, but it has now become my first choice.”

Living here has also enabled Funk to add a second career, teaching in both the film and the law schools at Chapman University. “It allows me to draw on the best and brightest in LA to come down, visit, engage our students and offer them jobs,” he says. “I was surprised to discover how easy it is to get these top entertainment professionals to come down here: producers, studio executives, entertainment attorneys and top executives in marketing, distribution, finance and other areas.”

Breslauer also goes on to profile other Hollywood professionals who make Orange County their home base, and showcases that you really can be a power player in the business while also living outside its boundaries.

To read the rest of the article, check it out over on Coast Magazine’s website.