Every semester, I take my Entertainment Marketing classes on a tour of the AMC Theatres at The Block in Orange. True, the last field trip any of them had been on was back in middle school, but the visit offers a behind-the-scenes look at a part of the movie business they grew up with.

Fredrick's class at the movies

Taylor Panconi (BA/Public Relations & Advertising ’16) wrote me later and said: “I wanted to say I really enjoyed class today. I thought it was really cool to analyze a component of the industry that we are exposed to all the time but don’t necessary think about it.”

After studying all the components of a studio marketing campaign in class, the trip offers students the opportunity to see current posters, standees and trailers for upcoming films. This is where the message is delivered.

Fredrick's class at the movies

Certainly, persuading consumers to attend a theatrical film has never been more challenging to studio marketers.

The importance of opening weekend is the theme of a new course I’ll be teaching at Dodge this fall:

Film Advertising with Jim Fredrick